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3D printed HexChess set The Royals

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A full set of 3d printed chess pieces. Made by Kevin Dalla Croce of Dalla Croce Studios

This version is the normal set, filled in with 30% infil of plastic, it will be light.

There is a socket version that has openings in the bottom for you to add weights to yourself.

This is for just the pieces ONLY, if you are wanting a board there is a listing just for that.

You will receive;

2 Kings

4 Queens 2 of each color

4 Bishops

4 Knights

4 Rooks

16 Pawns

Piece Heights, diameter, and weights –

Pawn – 2.14 inch, 1 in, 0.2 oz / 7g

Rook 2.59 inch, 1.24 in, 0.8 oz / 22g

Bishop – 3.15 inch, 1.24 in, 0.5 oz / 15g

Queen – 3.74 inch, 1.52 in, 0.8 oz / 22g

King – 4.13 inch, 1.52 in, 0.7 oz / 20g

Knight 2.72 inch, 1.32 in, 0.6 oz / 16g

Also please remember these are 3d printed goods so they may not appear exactly as they are seen in the photos and may have some layer lines visible from the 3d printing process of layering on the plastic.

4 reviews for 3D printed HexChess set The Royals

  1. Sue Falcon

    This was purchased as a Father’s Day gift. He’s so pleased with it! Son purchased it as they needed a chess set with easily recognisable pieces. Old set was causing arguments as to which piece was which! He chose his favourite colour (orange) and his Dad’s favourite (blue) to make this super special. Lovely quality, light but doesn’t feel flimsy. They were really delighted that it came with extra queens! Came all the way to South Wales without a scratch. Highly recommended.

  2. BabyT OO

    These are absolutely gorgeous! The photos don’t do them justice! Mark was wondering with his help on suggestions and very responsive when I had any questions. Shipping was very quick and before Christmas! I can’t wait to gift these. I highly recommend this seller. A very happy customer here! 🙂

  3. Joanna

    We love it! The pieces are light and are beautiful. It’s exactly what we ordered and is the perfect size for us, with enough space in between the pieces so we don’t keep bumping into other pieces. The seller was quick to answer my questions to customize the chess pieces and board colors to a certain look I had seen advertised.

  4. Amy Leyh

    I was so excited to receive this set; when it arrived I was so excited to rewrap and gift it. There were a few stray strands of plastic (?) left from printing but nothing I would fault them for, especially around the holiday rush. I was worried it wouldn’t look like the pictures, but it does! My greatest fault with it was not being able to find a board that matched the brilliant aesthetic of the pieces within my budget.

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