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Actually Curious: Happy Hour Edition! Questions for Date Night, Self-Care Gifts, Team Building, Ladies Night, Family Table Talk, Happy Hour

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Perfect for: Date night, game night, intentional conversation starters, dinner parties & your self-care journaling practice ❣️

Time to amplify happiness! Our second deck of questions, the Actually Curious Happy Hour Edition, is a fun icebreaker game that celebrates the things that make us happy.

With 52 pink question cards, this deck has one level of questions that are meant to be played alone or as a warm-up to the original Curiosity Edition, and the Human Rights Editions.

The Happy Hour Edition includes questions that explore our dreams, ambitions, and cherished memories to help foster positivity, gratitude, and connection with family, co-workers, and friends old and new.

🥳 HAPPY HOUR EDITION: The acclaimed conversation game that builds trust and empathy! The Happy Hour Edition has questions that spark conversations and self-reflection between friends and strangers about the things that make us happy.

🃏 HOW TO PLAY: Unlock happiness and mental health awareness! The Happy Hour Edition contains icebreaker questions that get you warmed up for the Curiosity and Human Rights Editions. To play, simply select a question and take turns actively listening to each other’s answers.

🖥 COSMOPOLITAN: “This Exciting Card Game: A card game is honestly always so clutch to have chilling in a home. This one is a happy hour-based one that will be so fun to play with friends. (Maybe pull her out during the white elephant party?)

📲 MENSHEALTH: “This card game will give you two a whole new space to connect. Actually Curious is a conversation card game that sparks the psychology of emotional connection. Time to shake up a cocktail and get deep with your wifey.”

🎨 BEAUTIFUL CARDS: This pack of icebreaker question cards has 52 magenta-colored pieces, so you can bring the game with you camping, to team building exercises, on dates, to ladies night, or leave as table topics for family dinner and game night.

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 GATHERINGS: The Happy Hour icebreaker card game is perfect for your Party, Couples Games, Family Talk, Traveling and Road Trips, and pretty much any occasion that could use a bit more curiosity.

📦 POCKET-SIZED BOX: The size of a standard card game deck (though anything but the status quo) so you can bring empathy everywhere including camping, happy hour, or in your bag for weekly team building.

🌿 ECO-FRIENDLY & SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS: Produced with ethical labor and a sustainable paper supply, we are a family-led, Black-owned business.

☮️ A MOVEMENT TO SPREAD EMPATHY: Play a game that uses the science and psychology of emotional connection to help bring people closer together.

4 reviews for Actually Curious: Happy Hour Edition! Questions for Date Night, Self-Care Gifts, Team Building, Ladies Night, Family Table Talk, Happy Hour

  1. Johanna Cecilia

    Really nice. The cars have good questions to get to know people.

  2. Rowan Elizabeth

    Came quickly and look great. I haven’t opened the deck up, they’re a gift but I’m excited to give them.

  3. Sign in with Apple user

    My wife and I have been on these types of cards for a while. I was trying to find some that have different things to discuss and this deck does that. Nice questions. Packaged securely to prevent damage and shipping was quick. Thank you.

  4. ochi1kanobie

    These questions are fantastic. We used them for a holiday party and everyone had fun taking turns answering cards at random. Everyone told me how great these questions were. A+++

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