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Alice – Growing Girl (Enchanted) – Lorcana Extended Artwork Display Case

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This case is designed to fit the following card: Alice – Growing Girl (Enchanted)

Elevate your Disney Lorcana trading card display with our premium UV protective acrylic case. Expertly designed to protect your card from harmful UV rays, it ensures both longevity and vibrancy. What sets our case apart is the integrated digital artwork extension, seamlessly broadening the narrative of your specific card’s design. The clear acrylic provides a pristine view, allowing the card and its extended artwork to shine brilliantly. Ideal for both emerging and seasoned collectors, our display case merges protection with unparalleled aesthetics. Dive deeper into the Lorcana universe and present your card in a manner it truly deserves.

Key Features:

– UV Protective: Shields your Lorcana card from harmful ultraviolet rays.

– Crystal Clear Acrylic: Offers a sharp, unobstructed view of your card.

– Extended Artwork: Exclusive, custom-designed print to extend your card’s artwork.

– Durable & Elegant: Keeps your card secure while accentuating its design.

– Gift-worthy: Ideal for Disney Lorcana enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Protect, display, and enhance your Disney Lorcana trading card experience!

Please note: The card is not included. The watermark will NOT be on the final print.

4 reviews for Alice – Growing Girl (Enchanted) – Lorcana Extended Artwork Display Case

  1. Nathan Worathepnitinan

    Quick Delivery, Great Quality and very nice Service.

  2. Dave Watson

    This is my second frame from Decimate. The extended Art is amazing and the card is protected from just about everything except UV Rays! Love It!

  3. C

    Beautiful case and fits the card perfectly. Will be buying all of our enchanted cases from this seller.

  4. Kelly Phillips

    There is a blemish (looks like a small bubble?) in the front piece of plastic that should have been spotted before shipping. Otherwise as described.

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