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Arcane Cannon Terrain, DnD, Pathfinder, Siege Terrain, TTRPG 28mm Terrain, Dungeons and Dragons Scatter Terrain, Dungeon Master DM Gift

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Prepare for a spellbinding showdown with the extraordinary Arcane Cannon Terrain from TowerRex! This captivating wooden terrain set brings the mystique of the arcane to your tabletop adventures. Crafted from high-density fiberboard (HDF), this terrain piece unveils a fantasy-style arcane cannon, mounted on enchanting magic spider legs. Step into a world where magic and machinery converge, and epic battles await.

– Behold the centerpiece of your siege engines—a fantasy-style arcane cannon that stands on mystical spider legs. Picture your heroes as they operate this marvel of mystical engineering, wielding the power of the arcane to launch spells and projectiles with unparalleled precision. Whether you’re defending a fortress, breaching the defenses of an enemy stronghold, or summoning elemental forces, this terrain piece sets the stage for awesome-inspiring encounters.

– The operator’s seat is thoughtfully designed for comfort and functionality, ensuring your hero or villain is ready to unleash the arcane might of the cannon. An ingenious aim device adds an extra layer of realism and strategic depth to your battles, allowing you to target your adversaries with unparalleled accuracy.

– Compatibility is key, and the Arcane Cannon Terrain seamlessly integrates with all other TowerRex terrains. Whether you’re assembling a formidable siege engine fleet or exploring diverse settings, this terrain piece complements your collection beautifully. Enhance your tabletop adventures by combining it with other siege engines or terrains from TowerRex.

– Designed for use in a wide range of tabletop adventures, including Dungeons & Dragons, wargames, and TTRPGs, the Arcane Cannon Terrain invites you to unleash the power of the arcane in your gaming world. Infuse your sessions with the magic of technology and the thrill of magical warfare, where innovation and fantasy collide.

Assembly Time:

– 15-20mins

Unlock the gateway to a realm where technology and magic converge with the Arcane Cannon Terrain from TowerRex. Let your tabletop sessions ignite with the sparks of arcane power, where strategy and mysticism blend into epic battles. Order now and take your gaming experience to new heights with this formidable addition to your collection!


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4 reviews for Arcane Cannon Terrain, DnD, Pathfinder, Siege Terrain, TTRPG 28mm Terrain, Dungeons and Dragons Scatter Terrain, Dungeon Master DM Gift

  1. Noaddon

    This EH organizer greatly speeds up the game setup and keeps things organized. It is nice that the base game plus two extensions fit into a single box. So far, it holds well without glue. It comes highly recommended.
    The shipping took longer than expected without any tracking updates for almost 3 weeks. The contents felt a bit humid and had some scratches on the sides.

  2. helendean20

    Great idea which fits in the box perfectly

  3. Ali Warnock

    This is truly the most stunning insert. The quality of the work couldn’t be higher and I am just so impressed by this item. Absolutely recommend to anyone who is considering getting this!

  4. Beth

    A little finnicky to assemble but great product!

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