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Birdscapes TCG Card Game – California Starter Pack

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Will your flock of birds defend your territory? Birdscapes is a trading card game that combines the fantasy of collecting creatures with real life birds! Collect territory points and defeat your opponents flock by using your flock of birds combined with habitats and actions to be defender of the birds based on real life characteristics, behaviors, and features of nature!

Growing up, we all played those trading card games that we wished were real. Recently, Wildlife Photographer Jeremy Neipp dreamed up the idea of using his passion for gaming to create a trading card game using his own wildlife photos he had taken over the years. For years, Jeremy has been studying, photographing, and sharing his love for birds with the world through his wildlife photography but decided it was time to take it to another level. Hence, Birdscapes was born!

Not only does Birdscapes connect you with the beauty of nature but it also allows you to interact with it in a way no other card game ever has. Everything about the game is based on real life characteristics, behaviors, and features of nature! No other game dives so deep into the true lives of animals around us and still provides an incredibly entertaining game to play and call your own. Expansion packs allow for the collecting and expanding of the Birdscapes world and different types of birds, so there is an endless stream of fun to invest yourself into! We hope you take on this new way of interacting with nature and find yourself intrigued with the game all the more!

The Birdscapes Starter Pack includes 110 different cards. Playable by up to 4 players in family game mode or is the starting deck for players in official game mode! Cards include all 20 starting habitats, 80 bird cards, and 10 action cards all from the California deck series.

Players: 2-4

Ages: 12+

Game Modes: Official, Family

Gameplay in a Nutshell:

1. Players will place bird cards and action cards face down from their hand around habitats on the playing field at the beginning of each round.

2. Players flip cards and calculate who gains an “Territory Point” over each habitat based on their strength in “Power”, “Resilience”, and “Will”. These strengths will also be combined with habitat bonuses, flocking bonuses, and action cards to achieve higher stats. The player to win the most of these three categories at each habitat wins a Territory Point!

3. At the end of each round, “Migration” occurs and birds either choose to migrate to another habitat or remain in their same habitat.

4. The player with the most “Territory Points” by the end of all 8 rounds wins!

4 reviews for Birdscapes TCG Card Game – California Starter Pack

  1. Sign in with Apple user

    Great product – gave low stars on shipping because they didn’t realize my order wasn’t processed for shipment until I reached out. All in all made a great gift and they’re very happy !

  2. Brent Boner

    Arrived just as described. Excellent seller! Thanks a lot!

  3. Jorjette Hatfield

    Fast shipping! The artwork looks amazing.

  4. Saray

    High quality cards, really great craftsmanship and design! Love that it’s from a local Fresno, CA creator. I love supporting local and I also love everything that it embodies. Not only is it super educational in terms of the birds and their habitat but it’s a fun challenging way of learning about our surroundings and nature. It does require a little more intentional thinking and strategy which aren’t usually my go to card games but this one really engaged me because it’s Real Life birds. I enjoyed playing this game with my friends and family loved having a bigger group of people because it got even more intense. The game play mechanics are super awesome, I still can’t believe it was created by a young man with a deep love for birds. Super cool. I love supporting small businesses and creators.

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