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Chinese Checkers – wooden board game, wood board game, strategy game, game, wood game, game for adults, game for kids, table game

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This favorite strategy board game was invented in Germany in 1892 under the name “Stern-Halma” as a variation of the older American game Halma. (yap! despite its name, the game is not a variation of checkers, nor did it originate in China or any part of Asia).

Chinese Checkers is a strategy board game that can be played by two to six people. Like other skill-based games, Chinese Checkers involves strategy. The rules are simple, so even young children can play. The old rules still apply in this beautifully handmade game. The stimulating shape and colors make this board a perfect centerpiece for any table.


Number of Pieces – 60

Number of Players – 2+

Play Length – 45 minutes+

Recommended Age – 7 and up

Dimensions – 6″x6.5″x1″

Wood Type – Rubberwood

For our larger board (size 10″x10″x1″):



Puzzle solution:

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4 reviews for Chinese Checkers – wooden board game, wood board game, strategy game, game, wood game, game for adults, game for kids, table game

  1. Loretta

    Although this chinese checkers game is nicely made, there are a few disappointments with it.
    The box lid fits very loosely and falls off easily, which eliminates it from being a “travel” version. The lid would easily fall off and the pieces would scatter if it was dropped or not handled with much care.
    The woodwork is nicely done, but once the lit is on, there is no way of telling what game it is. You would need to put your own table on the outside, so it could be identified when it is buried in the game closet or drawer. It is a shame to put a shame to put a painter’s tape label on such a nice box.
    The colored pegs are well done, but they are much too small for a normal adult’s fingers to handle easily. It is fine for a young girl who is very dexterous. But then this puts it in the “kids game” category. Needs some upgrades

  2. Christi Kennedy

    This was a gift to someone who is a big Chinese checkers fan and she absolutely loves this handmade version of the game. She says the color is gorgeous and the quality is fantastic. She also really likes the use of pegs instead of marbles. Thank you so much for shipping this quickly!

  3. Susan Dunham

    This game is beautifully crafted and great for a coffee table because of it’s size. The storage box is also a great feature because it allows for easy transport.

  4. JoBeats

    Super cute! A little but smaller than I imagined, but I never worked out the measurements that are laid out in the description.
    It’s exactly as it looks in the photo. Perfect gift for our 5 year wedding anniversary ‘wood themed’ gift giving.
    A board game that I think we will be using for many many more years to come along with our children and hopefully their children.
    Thank you Kubiya Games for you rapid delivery & personal card. This board game and all items purchased arrived in perfect condition!

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