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Christmas Name Puzzle

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Our handmade name puzzles are perfect for any learner learning their name. Board are 5×12 inches letters are roughly 3 tall and the width of the letters vary depending on the letter needed.

Letters on this board are all uppercase and are raised to make it easy to pick up for little hands. The hello my name is, is engraved on birch. Our letter images are printed on so no paint is used.

Want a custom design send us a message we would love to help.

3 reviews for Christmas Name Puzzle

  1. Karly Poole

    I ordered this stool for my two year old niece’s Christmas Present. I had a hard time finding personalized stools that had better color options than the basic rainbow colors out there. I also saw a lot of stools where the letters were sloppily cut. Not this one! The letters are nicely cut and painted, and I was able to request a certain color scheme. It’s the perfect size for her! Thank you!

  2. Brittany Robbins

    Super cute and high quality! Great customer service, too!

  3. CP

    I originally posted 5 stars for quality. That was prior to opening the package. My mistake. I gave it to my daughter for Easter and most of the letters were very sloppily painted with brush strokes on the sides and a few of the letters have stuff smashed into the paint. Just not top quality. I would’ve guessed more attention would have been paid to the details.

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