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Classic Chess Set | Magnetic Chess Game | Hanging Board Game | Chess Game Set | Magnetic Chess | Unique Board Game | Family Game Night |

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Magnetic Chess is a totally unique take on the classic game as this set can actually play right on the wall! We use a solid wrapped mdf frame that is very durable, print onto a textured canvas to give the board a true art feel hanging on the wall, use a custom produced metal sheet that is light weight but allow the pieces to hold firmly to the canvas surface. This is a very high quality piece that you will notice as soon as it is removed from the box.

Chess pieces hold firmly to the surface and won’t move unless you want to move them. We added a fun “It’s your move” feature that allow you play over time with someone else. Just move the lower magnet after you make a move letting your opponent know it is their turn next. Educational, challenging, interactive fun that can engage family & friends. The boards can easily be removed from the wall to allow play on a table.

Each board is 16″ x 16″ square & the king is 2.5″ tall.

The set is ready to hang and included 4 soft bumpers to protect walls.

Chess pieces included!

Magnetic wall games ship in 48hrs.


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4 reviews for Classic Chess Set | Magnetic Chess Game | Hanging Board Game | Chess Game Set | Magnetic Chess | Unique Board Game | Family Game Night |

  1. Brett Keeler

    Shipped promptly. Product is great quality and what I expected. However, I realized a flaw in the design of the product once it arrived. The pictures on Etsy have the two rows of pieces oriented on the sides of the board, which makes sense for easiest reach. However the board itself is oriented to be played top vs. bottom (for those that don’t know, the chess board is always oriented with the light-square corners under King’s Rook for White and Queen’s Rook for black. Yes it matters.) Of course, I can just flip it 90° but then the turn indicator boxes are on the side behind one of the player’s pieces, instead of in the middle of the top or bottom. Minor, I know, but that it would make the product even better if the graphic of the board were flipped 90° relative to the little turn indicator squares.

  2. Jacy

    This was an awesome gift!! It looks fantastic, and is incredibly useable. The magnets are all the perfect strength, the board is textured nicely, and the wood is well stained and pieced together. Very high quality, especially for the price.

  3. Ryan Grant

    Gotta say it really bothers me that they have the game set up wrong in the preview picture. If you were to set up the board with the turn counter on the bottom, the game would be set up with the sides on the top and bottom, not on the sides
    Other than that i absolutely love this thing. Exactly what i expected. I put some sticky tack on the bottom rail of the fame so that it doesnt “jump” when i pull pieces away, and that fixed my biggest compaint

  4. Briana McMahon

    This product is absolutely beautiful! The shipping was extremely fast, I wasn’t expecting this until after Valentine’s Day and it arrived a week before! I would definitely buy from this creator again!❤️

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