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Connect Four, handcrafted walnut and maple family game

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Connect Four, handcrafted game made from a beautiful combination of walnut and maple wood. This game will be perfect for the person who takes their game playing seriously and loves a good game night. Measuring 12’L x 14″W with beautiful walnut and maple game pieces that slide smoothly on rails making the game easy to play for your whole family.

4 reviews for Connect Four, handcrafted walnut and maple family game

  1. Barbara Pallante

    This is beautiful! I bought to play with loved one with advancing dementia and he loves it….

  2. Eusebia

    Quality, quality quality! Absolutely wonderful product. It’s condition upon arrival. Was exactly like the picture. Not disappointing at all. It made for an exceptional addition to our family night games.

  3. wm7xgwlx

    Nicely crafted and plenty big. Quality work. Good packing in shipping too!

  4. revillusion

    The box is beautiful! I was searching for a 4th wedding anniversary gift for my husband and it’s tough to find the right “flowers and fruits” gift. But this cherry wood box is perfect! The craftsmanship and finish is excellent. Proactive communication and packaged well. Highly recommend!

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