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Dragon Eye dnd dice set liquid core for d&d gifts , Beholder’s Eye liquid core dice set , Ideal for Fantasy Gaming , Resin d and d dice set

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❤ Exquisite Dragon Eye / Beholder’s Eye liquid core dice set, Very suitable for role-playing games, birthday gifts.

❤ Why buy Dragon Eye / Beholder’s Eye liquid core dice set from me?

1. Amazing quality , 100% true to picture , extremely durable . You can see the glitter shines when they roll

2. Quality assurance, please rest assured purchase. If you are not satisfied with the quality, I will give you a full refund

❤ Liquid core Dice Set: One set dice total 7 pcs including D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20 and D%

❤ Size of Liquid core Dice Set :

1. D10 dice: 18mm, D12 dice: 22mm, D20 dice: 25mm

2. D4 dice: 22mm, D6 dice: 22mm, D8 dice: 18mm

❤ The turnaround time of the order is 10 to 12 working days.

4 reviews for Dragon Eye dnd dice set liquid core for d&d gifts , Beholder’s Eye liquid core dice set , Ideal for Fantasy Gaming , Resin d and d dice set

  1. Ellian

    Overall, this set is pretty, and the silver inking is nice. It came with a purple velvet bag like the other sets. Be warned that not all of the sets from this seller are weighted evenly. You risk buying dice you cannot play with. Also, the resin being just one straight colour is almost a little boring. Even some black flakes, or black swirls would make it stand out a little more. For the price of these resin sets, I would’ve expected a little more. Don’t trust the images taken in the listing for how they look, please look at the reviews for the images of how the dice really look, since the seller images are misleading. Overall, it looks mass-produced, and isn’t worth the cost. I’m sure there are other businesses that do dragon eye liquid core stuff better.

  2. Bridgett

    Ordered the green dragon eye set of dice with the metal box. The dice were a little cloudy, but not bad, just not quite as clear and as easy to see the dragon eye as in the picture. The metal tin was not really worth it as metal was flimsy and kept popping open. I also ordered the light blue liquid core dice and that one was beautiful! Even better than the pictures.

  3. DeviaAnimus

    I purchased 5 different color options, 4 of which were great with barely any issues. This option though (#04 Beholder Eye) is unfortunately the exception.
    First, the color is lacking. It does not come across well in pictures, but the plastic is almost clear in comparison to the other color options, the color is almost entirely being refracted from the central eye inside. It certainly looks dark blue in pictures but in person there is noticable difference.
    Second, it appears the d20 in this set, is smaller than those in the other sets I bought. I don’t know if this is a consistent problem, or just an issue with my purchase. But also something to keep in mind.
    Also the numbers on the d20 aren’t very well centered. All the other sets were fine on this point.

  4. Sairyo Feana

    Dice are well shaped resin and very light. The Dragon Eye movements are very smooth and unhindered. The only downsides are the colors show in the photos are very oversaturated compared to the actual color of the dice and Dragon Eye themselves, which is VERY misleading. The dice also arrived each in individual bags, which is a bit excessive. A bit of a let down, but still a neat dice set none the less.

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