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Drunk in Love Original Drinking Game

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Drunk in Love is THE drinking game for couples, created by a couple that couldn’t find the “perfect drinking game” to play during quarantine. With 99 unique, daring, and hilarious playing cards, you and your partner will put your relationship to the ultimate test. This will be a night to remember! Or Forget!

How to play: Drunk in Love is simple. There are 2 players: you and your partner. Each of you alternate drawing a card. If you draw an Or Drink card, you must do what it says or drink. If you draw a Drink If card, the card applies to both you and your partner, so whoever relates to it must drink.

The Original Drunk in Love card game includes 100 playing cards:

53 Or Drink cards (apply only to the person who draws it)

46 Drink If cards (apply to both partners)

1 Rule Card

Some fees may apply for international orders depending on country.

Play responsibly. Some cards are explicit. Cards may test your relationship and loyalty. Play at your own risk.

Card artwork subject to change. © 2021 DLDG, LLC

4 reviews for Drunk in Love Original Drinking Game

  1. Carolina Sroka

    Seller was great about replying back to my message and even got it to me sooner than expected! Thank you!!!

  2. Vanessa

    very great game, unfortunately the box was a bit damaged

  3. Maura R

    I am so happy with this purchase! The cards are the perfect balance of silly, kinda serious, funny, and sweet. I am super excited to give this to my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day! Absolutely worth the purchase and I will be buying the extensions to this deck!

  4. Cheyenne

    Worked with me and got it shipped fast!!

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