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Ecologies: Bizarre Biomes – Gameplay Inspired by Nature – Sequel and Expansion to the Original Card Game – Beautiful Vintage Scientific Art

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The second game in the series, it is playable as a stand alone game or used in combination with the original ECOLOGIES card game.

Players build and maintain food webs in diverse environments. Healthy ecologies reward you with bonus powers and perks. Watch out though, as others may decide it’s easier to disturb and degrade your ecosystem than nurture their own.

Designed by a biology teacher, the game includes 77 unique organisms, 7 biomes, and beautiful vintage Victorian art. (108 cards total)

Players: 1-6

Ages: 12+ (8+ with simplified rules)

Time: 60-90 minutes

Game Modes: Standard, Simplified, Single Player

Cards are arranged with plants on the bottom and predators on top. Players negotiate trades and use biotic and abiotic factor cards to affect their webs and the webs of players around them. It is a race to get to 12 victory points, with players using different strategies such as focusing on one biome, going for perks and bonuses, or disrupting other ecologies.

Gameplay is rooted in authentic science, as it is used in the classroom to teach real concepts to biology students. While it is scientific enough for the classroom, it is also strategic enough for any game night.

The points system is based on ecological trophic levels. The producers (plants) are worth less and as you make your way up the pyramid organisms are worth more, as it takes a lot of energy to sustain them. In real life only roughly 10% of the energy makes it from one level to the next, meaning you have to have acres of land and hundreds of animals just to sustain one apex predator.

This game is a sequel AND an expansion. When using the game as an expansion, you can customize the deck to include cards from both games, including cards you love and excluding ones you don’t. Some players love aggressive “take that” mechanics, while others find them stressful. Some players love particular healthy ecology bonuses, while others feel they are overpowered. With multiple decks, you can create a customized experience to fit your group.

If you’d like to maintain the same game length and feel, we recommend choosing 10 factor cards and 7 different biomes.

Note: more cards = a longer game

4 reviews for Ecologies: Bizarre Biomes – Gameplay Inspired by Nature – Sequel and Expansion to the Original Card Game – Beautiful Vintage Scientific Art

  1. Alex Blomberg

    Incredibly fun! Play it almost every day with my aquarium coworkers, and even with friends who don’t much care for natural sciences but love the gameplay. Even kids as young as 8 can enjoy the standard rule set with a little warm-up. Big fan of this one having some of my favorite animals on the planet from caves, pools, and riparian zones!

  2. Jess Mo

    MB is such a star. I’ve probably ordered from them five times now and I’m always so jazzed to get the new deck in the mail. I probably should have bought the whole kit in the first place tbh. My partner and I adore this game and our friends were impressed by the offering at Game Night. The cards are beautiful and the game mechanics are great–perfectly easy to catch on for a party game, but intricate so everyone stays entertained throughout. We’ve played several times in a single game night. Everyone loves it, it makes a wonderful gift, and it inspires a curiosity about the creatures featured on the cards. A can’t-miss!

  3. Russell Swannack

    I bought the whole set of three card boxes together. The art of each individual card is phenomenal. The game play is straight forward. The strategy might be a little nuanced at first, but a couple “make it easier” house rules, got the game going and people were able to grasp the broad strokes of the game mechanics. As play experience continues, we will work our way back to the true game rules I am sure it will continue to be a favorite. The manufacturing quality is excellent. Shipping was pretty quick. The game cards met my expectations. I would recommend you purchasing this game. Not even to mention the cool education aspect of it.

  4. Paige Duvall

    I initially submitted the below review. The seller responded immediately and sent me the correct order. Beautiful cards. Highly recommend this seller.
    I ended up getting a different deck than I ordered. I ordered “Bizarre Biomes” and I got “Solar Systems.” A cool game but I ordered it for my Earth Science class to reinforce the content they have been learning in class. While the essence of creating ecosystems is there, the organisms/ ecosystems are theoretical and it ended up not being the fun reinforcement of content and study guide for Earth Biomes that I intended. That being said, my students and I are impressed by the beauty of the cards and the theoretical questions that they raise. But again, not what I ordered.

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