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Exosquad Set – Red Pilgrim Miniatures (Miniature Tabletop Wargame Minis)

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Fantastic Proxy Models that can be use for your GRIMDARK Army or Diorama! 32mm scaled.

Excellent proxy models that are compatible with the minis from that popular SCI-FI tabletop miniature wargame.

Let your GRIMDARK army stand out on the battlefield with these fantastic models!

Miniatures will be packaged unassembled to prevent damage during shipping. You are getting a set of 2 individual minis! 3D Printed in high quality resin ( black, white, beige or grey , depending on which color is available at the time of printing). Models are cured to the best of my ability and do not come painted/primed or glued. Photo is for representation only. You are getting 2 miniatures only. Bases are included for each mini! Miniature supports are cleaned to the best of my ability. Some models may require extra sanding of small imperfections, gluing parts together and an additional washing if needed.


4 reviews for Exosquad Set – Red Pilgrim Miniatures (Miniature Tabletop Wargame Minis)

  1. Joe Gaffney

    Good set of minis. Packaging was a bit jumbled but okay in the end.

  2. William Smith

    First order from this seller. High quality prints at a very reasonable price. Will definitely order from this shop again…highly recommend!

  3. Devon

    Really love the shark theme for the models especially the shields. Really great job!

  4. Aniello Dellacroce

    Awesome !! Great price great quality fast shipping

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