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Flea Circus Unique Luxury Miniature Poker Playing Cards

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These miniature playing cards feature whimsical illustrations celebrating the most astounding and astonishing acts of a legendary “flea” circus performed by some of the tiniest talents in the animal kingdom.

The design was Inspired by vintage broadsides of vaudevillian antiquity beautifully illustrated by Jeff Trish from a collection of 52 acts ranging from The Great Fleadini to The Flea Who Knows, Evel Fleavil, Flea Petit and so many more compiled by Dan and Dave.

Printed in Taiwan on premium paper and packaged inside a glamorous tuck box featuring embossed foil accents. Sealed with the tiniest tax stamp we’ve ever printed.

4 reviews for Flea Circus Unique Luxury Miniature Poker Playing Cards

  1. Colleen Crowley

    These Flea Circus mini cards are so cute! My brother in law loved these cards and the novelty. Great product, arrived quickly.

  2. Carl McGowan

    Great!!!!! !! !!! !!!! !!

  3. ritikitib

    The little flea on this pack is adorable. This is a lovely set of cards

  4. Joel

    For a deck of cards, you need one of each of the 52 cards, it’s kind of the minimum of what is required of a deck of cards. I got sent two sets of Heart face cards and no Diamond face cards. I messaged to see if I could get the three missing diamond cards I’m short and I haven’t gotten a response after a week. I love the artwork but this is actually unplayable.

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