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Goose Peace Was Never An Option Funny DND/Game Dice Tray Flatpack in multiple colors

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Elevate your tabletop adventures with our legendary Vegan Leatherette Dice Trays! Let your dice take center stage in a stylish roll that’s bursting with flair. Each tray is a compact party favor, unfolding with the snap of four buttons for convenient storage and shipping – it’s like magic, but for dice trays!

Crafted from guilt-free vegan leatherette, these trays are your passport to a clear conscience on your dice-rolling odyssey. Expand them to a generous 9.5″ x 9.5″, ensuring your dice enjoy a spacious landing zone free from collisions. BYOD (Bring Your Own Dice) to the gaming table, or, if you fancy, grab a set for a small fee!

But hold onto your D20s – the adventure doesn’t stop there! Seek a truly unique experience? Connect with us before purchasing for custom designs that set your gaming scene apart.

Choose from an array of colors and even add a set of random dice to customize your destiny. Our dice trays hail from the creative hub of Raleigh, North Carolina – conceived, crafted, and dispatched with love from the heart of gaming country.

4 reviews for Goose Peace Was Never An Option Funny DND/Game Dice Tray Flatpack in multiple colors

  1. Emily

    I bought two items from this shop so I will be posting this review twice: item came perfectly and just as pictured!! Was a Christmas gift and my family member loved it and began using it that day for a game. No issues at all. Would buy from this shop again

  2. Lee Powers

    Shipped FAST! Great quality tray and printing! It is a favorite at our table!

  3. Winona

    I love my dice tray and everyone who sees it gets a kick out of it. The design creates little divots in the leather but I don’t think it affects the ability of the dice to roll. I love it!

  4. Dana Barineau

    Came quickly and in excellent quality! I absolutely love this piece and the shop was extremely sweet and easy to work with! Would buy again!

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