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Initiative trackers for DM screen. dnd, D&D, dungeons and dragons, rpgs.

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Initiative trackers for RPGs like dungeons and dragons and other amazing games.

These initiative trackers can be filled with the pictures of players and then put on a dm screen in order to keep initiative during battles.

The pictures you can print yourself with a pdf I will send you that allows you to insert a player name and a picture in order to print them at the correct size the first time. With the clear plastic cover that comes with this item, you can cover the pictures and make sure they last a long time.

These initiative trackers fit perfectly on Dm screens like the ones from wizards of the coast for D&D. But they also fit great on other Dm screens like the ones made from binders. (The size of the gap of the trackers is 2.5mm or 0.0984inch)

To track initiative during battles, you can simply drag a picture to the left or right to indicate who’s turn it is.

The front of the trackers shows the picture of the player and the name. The backside for the DM only shows the name of the player. I made this so that no information on the dm screen is blocked by these trackers.

These trackers work best if you also have a couple of trackers (i recommend 2), reserved for monsters or bosses.

I made these because I needed them in my own game and perfected them to be ideal for D&D. This way I know the trackers are useful and simple to use.

This is great to buy for your group but it’s also a great gift for your DM.

To complete the experience of using the trackers I also made a box (as seen in the picture). Make sure to check out my other listings if you are interested in that as well!

4 reviews for Initiative trackers for DM screen. dnd, D&D, dungeons and dragons, rpgs.

  1. Danielle Woerth

    I just want to say how incredibly pleased we are with these initiative trackers. We have 4-5 groups running at once so we’ve found it’s easier for us to have multiple sets but youcan also *easily* swap the contents if you wanted. We devised a way to use colored clips for the most common conditions so we can keep our map clean as well. Shipping is always very fast. (and we’re international shipping!) Overall we are *very* happy with these items. Huge shout out on these killer earrings as well.

  2. Ahnya

    So Awesome! They were smaller than I was expecting, which I am happy about. Should fit across the DM screen nicely. The pdf for printing the pics was easy to use. Can’t wait to use them!

  3. Vincent

    Very neatly printed. I do have the feeling that they are not that easy to take apart anymore. I have filled 4 with players’ images. I filled the rest with empty pieces of paper. The supplied plastic rectangles, which you can slide in front of the paper, make it easy to write on with whiteboard markers. This makes them super flexible to use in every encounter!

  4. Anthony Kilburn

    These trackers are brilliant! Over the past year, I’ve found it useful to pick up multiple colors for different uses: PCs, NPC allies, enemies. I use a dolled up chip clip so my players can see whose turn it is, and my group absolutely loves the setup. Printing the images so easy, I simply print a sheet of new unique NPC/enemy trackers whenever I do my session prep. You could certainly use a generic enemy or NPC image to reduce your prep time, but when you can showcase the art in these beautiful trackers, you might not mind the effort. As Spinal Tap would say, 11/10.

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