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Large Chess Board, Tournament Chess Set, Gorgeous Walnut Brass Chess Set, Resin Chess Pieces, King size 3.6″, Luxury Gift for Him

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Large Chess Board – 20″ Tournament Chess Set – Gorgeous Walnut Brass Chess Set – Resin Chess Pieces – King size 3.6″ – Premium Gift for Him – Birthday Gift Idea

Claim ownership of this exquisite Chess Set today and experience its undeniable beauty firsthand.

📐 Chessboard Specifications

❖ Dimensions: 20 inches x 20 inches x 1 inches (500 x 500 x 20 mm)

Playing board: 16 inches x 16 inches x 1 inch

– Size of each square on the game area: 2inches x 2inches (50 x 50 mm)

– Weight: 6.5 kg

– Components: 1 chessboard with 64 squares, 16 black and 16 white chess pieces

❖ Chess piece sizes:

– Pawn: 2.5 inches high, base 1.5 inch

– King: 3.6 inches high, base 1.5 inch

– Queen: 3.2 inches high, base 1.5 inch

👍 Material

The chessboard is made of walnut wood, leather, resin, and brass.

🔍 Package Contents

The box case contains 32 chess pieces. You can order 2 extra queen pieces.

📌 Customization

TheCraftHouse offers a custom-made design service to enhance the sender’s message and the receiver’s happiness. Personalized inscriptions by laser engravings on the bronze tag are available with a maximum of 20 letters. You can see how the personalization looks from the photos in the listing.

If you would like to have your logo, quotes, name/dates, the coordinates … engraved, We are happy to accommodate your request. Please get in touch with us to arrange this service.

🎁 Gift Option

Whether it’s for a special occasion like Christmas, Birthdays, or Father’s Day, or simply as a thoughtful gesture, the Champion chess set makes for a perfect gift. To make your gifting experience even more special, fast and careful delivery with gift wrapping and ribbon is available. You can even add a personalized note to your parcel to make the recipient feel extra special. Give the gift of a timeless classic game with this exquisite chess set, sure to be treasured for years to come.

✨ Business Gifts

Receiving a gift can be a powerful experience that creates a sense of connection and appreciation for the giver. TheCraftHouse collaborates closely with some of the world’s top brands to produce custom-made games and one-of-a-kind gift sets that are sure to impress. If you have any questions or would like to explore unique design combinations, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the seller for assistance.

💕 Conclusion

The Champion chess set is a truly unique and exceptional gift.

🚚 Delivery Information

– We offer free worldwide shipping via FedEx.

– Your order will be shipped via FedEx for the fastest delivery.

– Delivery time is approximately 3-5 business days, depending on your shipment’s destination.

Blending modern aesthetics with timeless value, this Champion chess set is a true masterpiece. The striking black and white color scheme, achieved through a unique resin-mixing technique that combines shiny and matte finishes, creates a stunning visual contrast. Carefully crafted by skilled artisans, each chess piece is a testament to meticulous attention to detail, featuring clean, straight lines that are both consistent and visually appealing. This set is sure to be a cherished addition to any game collection, offering players a beautiful and unforgettable gaming experience.

# Quintessential of Vietnamese Craftsmanship

Creating a complete chess set from scratch requires the hard work of 15 craftsmen and 20 hours of manual labor, with 22 intricate crafting steps. The Tournament Chess Set from Maztermind embodies the traditional values of Vietnamese craft villages and craftsmen in a stylish, minimalist design. Each stage demands manual techniques and the ingenuity of the craftsman, from pouring and separating the mold to sticking each piece of black and white leather on the chessboard.

# A Modern Upgrade

This chess set is an upgrade of product quality, showcasing the beauty of materials while reinforcing the functionality and usability of a traditional chess set. Experience the exquisite moves and elegant design of this classic game.

# Great Classic with a Twist

Chess, a world-renowned game since the 6th century, is given a modern twist in this handcrafted Tournament Chess Set. The symmetrical design of the pieces and sturdy pedestal contribute to its overall elegance. Designed and manufactured in Vietnam.

# High-Quality Materials

This exquisite chess set boasts a unique blend of resin and concrete that creates a rugged yet visually captivating playing surface. The pieces are mounted on pedestals made of high-quality microfiber leather, adding an extra touch of elegance. The chess board itself is crafted from walnut wood, showcasing a stunning natural brown color and intricate wood grain pattern.

# Elevate Your Home Decor

In addition to being a challenging and entertaining game, this Champion chess set doubles as a work of art. Meticulously crafted with intricate detailing and fine craftsmanship

# Deepen Connections with Every Move

Engaging in a game of chess with friends is a genuine and rewarding experience that encourages creativity, imagination, and strategic thinking, all while fostering deep emotional connections. Unlike electronic games, this Champion Chess Set offers a more meaningful and wholesome social experience that can be enjoyed for generations to come. It provides an opportunity for people to connect and engage with each other in a meaningful way, creating lasting memories and strengthening relationships.

7 reviews for Large Chess Board, Tournament Chess Set, Gorgeous Walnut Brass Chess Set, Resin Chess Pieces, King size 3.6″, Luxury Gift for Him

  1. Anonymous

    Dear Mr. Andres Pineda,
    We are incredibly grateful for your glowing feedback regarding our chess set. Your words have truly brightened our day! It brings us immense joy to hear that you find the set absolutely beautiful, with the pieces boasting just the right weight. We have put meticulous effort into crafting both the board and the pieces, striving for perfection, and we are thrilled that our dedication has paid off. Your appreciation for the craftsmanship and attention to detail warms our hearts. We understand that the pictures may not fully capture the essence of the set, and we couldn’t agree more that it truly shines when seen in person. The intricate artistry and exceptional quality truly come to life, and we are delighted that you were able to experience that firsthand.
    Thank you so much!

  2. Anonymous

    Love the chess set. It is absolutly beautiful and the pieces feel just the right weight. Both the board and the pieces are perfectly made and look stunning on my table.
    The pictures do not do the set justice, you have to see the set in person to appreciate the craftmanship.
    In addition, the set was very well packaged and arrived sooner than I expected.
    I would highly recommend this set to anyone that appreciates chess and is looking for a tournament size chess set.

  3. Little Letter

    Dear Ms. Elif Lui,
    I have shared your valuable article with my staff today, and they are truly proud to be highly regarded by you through every word. We believe that the core value and the story of our handmade board game have been highlighted by you. We had to read the review multiple times because it was truly overwhelming with emotions. Once again, we appreciate you taking the precious time to provide the review and a stunning photo of the product.
    I believe that you will admire the chess set every day for its beauty and elegance.
    We are genuinely proud!
    Wishing you all the best and Happy Holidays!
    Toan Nguyen & Team

  4. Anonymous

    Dear Casey,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to provide such a detailed description of our product. We’re absolutely thrilled to hear that you appreciate the craftsmanship of our artisans, and we will be sure to pass on your kind words to them.
    We’re also grateful that you have decided to purchase the Champion Chess set for a second time – it’s a fantastic vote of confidence for us! We understand that there may have been some questions and challenges in placing your order for the new version of the set, but we’re glad that we were able to create a great atmosphere in your office. We’re confident that you, your clients, and friends will enjoy the look of the chess set and love playing with it.
    Thank you for your continued support and confidence in our work.
    Toan Nguyen.

  5. apineda2005

    The walnut board’s smooth finish and grain is truly crafted with precision and attention to detail. The leather playing surface and bottom of the resin pieces feels amazing. It’s not just a chess set; it’s a work of art. It is the centerpiece at my office. Second chess set I have ordered from this company and they have exceeded my expectations again. Constantly getting compliments of clients and friends. Highly recommended.

  6. Casey Ryan

    I spent days researching the internet for a chess board for my partner for Christmas. I found this company but wasn’t sure whether to order the smaller or larger board so reached out to Toan who was super helpful and professional. The board has now arrived and I’m blown away with the quality (went for the larger one). It’s the nicest gift I’ve ever purchased. Every chess piece even has leather on the base. I’ll upload pictures after Christmas but if you’d like to buy one I highly recommend. I found the other previous reviews really helpful and don’t think the photos do it justice. I can’t wait to gift this as I know he’ll love it. Thank you so much

  7. Elif B.

    All we can say is: WOW
    Best customer service we have ever received – Toan was very quick and polite
    Talking about quality:
    Yes, this board is expensive but the quality is astonishingly beautiful and absolutely worth the price. We purchased the extra Queens, which came with additional space in the storage box.
    The personal engraving is nicely done and made our board truly heirloom worthy – we can’t wait to pass it on to the next generation in our family.
    And yes, the imposing beauty of the board not only looks amazing in our home, it also invites us to a couple rounds of chess almost every night before bedtime (instead of being on our phones). It’s nice to the touch, the finishing is impeccably elegant and the pieces have a good weight – we couldn’t find a single flaw anywhere.
    Thanks so much, guys. We loved our purchas

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