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Last Minute Dinner Party: Card Game

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For once… play with your food! Race against the clock as you draw ingredients, experience mishaps, and steal from other cooks to create a deliciously hilarious dish! May the most creative cook win!

Last Minute Dinner Party is a card game that was 2 years in the making. We’ve done endless play tests and gotten a bunch of feedback from all kinds of players to deliver what is beautifully wrapped in this box. If you love cooking or love food in general, this game will inspire you to create unique dishes and try different combinations.

Recommended players: 2-10

Play length: 10-15min

Ages 6+

Box includes:

84 Ingredient Cards

30 Event Cards

10 Medal Tokens

1 Chef Token

1 Die

1 Kitchen Timer

1 Rulebook

3 reviews for Last Minute Dinner Party: Card Game

  1. Braylin

    Amazing game, me and my friends cant stop playing it ever since I received it!!!

  2. Johnny Waterman

    This game is really fun and comes with a cute tea kettle timer. My daughter and I love playing this game and it gets more fun with the more people you have.

  3. rachelaschrock

    I bought this as a Christmas gift. It was shipped and arrived quicker than I expected! The game looks great, I can’t wait to play it with my family 🙂

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