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Latte dice gift set, gag gift, role playing gamer, TTRPG, coffee, mocha

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A gift that is just plain fun. A latte cup with a set of dice that look like you could drink them up. A shot of java to help get rid of the level one of exhaustion you gained earlier in the campaign. Great dnd gift for your gaming companions.

* Cotton top to look like milk foam or whipping cream on top.

* Crinkle paper around dice to keep them safe and to fill the cup with goodness

* Sticker on front of the cup that reads, ” – 1 level of exhaustion.”

* Choose in the drop-down menu if you would like your latte to smell like a mocha coffee or not. If so, I will add the scent in the cup.

* 4 oz paper cup with black plastic lid

* Cup Height: 2 3/8 Inches, Bottom Diameter: 1 3/4 Inches, Top Diameter: 2 1/2 Inches.

-7-piece dice set: Copper color with black numbers- (dice are not scented)

(D20 X 1)

(D100 X 1)

(D12 X 1)

(D10 X 1 )

(D8 X 1)

(D6 X 1)

(D4 X 1)

* Warning: Choking hazard for young children. Five and under.

4 reviews for Latte dice gift set, gag gift, role playing gamer, TTRPG, coffee, mocha

  1. Ro

    These are so perfect! They look so pretty in the light and the packaging is super cute. The scent is really strong too. Everything looks exactly like the picture. Plus the customer service was amazing!

  2. manticorgi

    Got this as a Christmas gift for my husband. He loves coffee and collecting dice, so he was very happy when he opened his gift! The cup was smaller than I imagined but honestly it’s really cute and we both loved the coffee themed contents. The dice really do smell like mocha too! Overall very happy with this purchase.

  3. Kayla

    The dice are very cute!!! They came in a little mini to go coffee cup. A+ packaging, and it arrived very quickly. The dice smell amazing. I got them as a gift for my brother for xmas and I know hes going to love them 🙂

  4. Lindsey Kuchenbecker

    I bought coffee D&D dice and they came in a coffee cup, super cute! Nicole was super on top of it and helpful!

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