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Liquid Core Dragon Eye Dnd Dice Set for role playing games , Liquid Core Dungeons and Dragons Dice Set for D&D Gift, Eye d and d dice sets

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🎉 Discover the Elegance of Our Dragon Eye Liquid Core Dice Set – An Ideal Choice for Birthday Gifts and Enthralling Role-Playing Adventures!

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✨✨ Why Should You Choose Our Exquisite Dragon Eye Liquid Core Dice Set?

Unbeatable Value: Roll with confidence and enjoy a lifetime warranty. If you ever need a refund or replacement for any reason, simply reach out.

True-to-Life Quality: Each die is a true representation of the images. The numbers are crisp and clear, and it comes with a complimentary velvet cloth bag – making it the perfect gift. Don’t let this chance slip away!

Elevate Your Game: Leave ordinary dice behind and embrace the Liquid Core Dice Set to enhance your role-playing adventures.

✨✨ Hassle-Free Returns and Exchanges: We are confident in the quality of our DND dice set. If you’re not satisfied, we offer a full refund.

✨✨ Dice Set Dimensions:

D10 dice: 18mm, D12 dice: 22mm, D20 dice: 25mm

D4 dice: 22mm, D6 dice: 22mm, D8 dice: 18mm

✨✨ Weight: The dice set weighs 220g, and you’ll be amazed by its beauty when you hold it in your hands.

✨✨ Don’t hesitate; A high-quality dice set is a worthwhile investment.

🎉🎉 Order Turnaround: Your order will arrive in 10 days. If you need expedited shipping, please contact us, and we’ll make arrangements for you.

4 reviews for Liquid Core Dragon Eye Dnd Dice Set for role playing games , Liquid Core Dungeons and Dragons Dice Set for D&D Gift, Eye d and d dice sets

  1. Whitni Skywalker

    This is SUCH a cool piece! It’s a Christmas gift for my DnD obsessed brother-in-law, and I just know he’s going to absolutely lose it with how great it is. I can’t wait to get him the rest of the set (or a whole new one) for his birthday! It took a little bit to ship out since all pieces are custom, but the label was made immediately, and it was so worth the wait with plenty of time before Christmas! In fact, I think we’ll have won Christmas for him! I can’t believe it was on such a good sale, and I’ve shared this store all over (and to my mother-in-law in case she wants to look for more, too), because it’s just too great. It was exactly as described and just perfect. Thank you!!

  2. Kendra Garding

    I ordered a full set of liquid core dragon eye dice for my husband because they were on a great sale. The quality of these dice are wonderful! They look and feel amazing. They are so cool! And I was so impressed with the care taken in shipping them. They came in individual bags, then a bag to hold them all together, then placed in a velvet bag that can be used to hold them long-term. Then placed in a tightly sealed manila air-mailer then finally in a white outer mailer. These dice are PRISTINE. Not a scratch or fingerprint in sight! Shipping took waaaaay longer than expected but honestly, they still arrived before I needed them for gifting and they were obviously well taken care of prior to shipping. I would totally order from this shop again.

  3. Joryy Vargo

    The dice were pretty slow to be mailed out. That being said, it was the Christmas season. The dice quality is great. The faces of the dice were smooth, and each number was painted well. My main and only concern is that the dice pictures are enhanced on the Etsy sight. The color of the dice that I purchased (#3) look NOTHING like the picture on the site. So while the quality is great, I feel as if I was lied to about the product I was purchasing.

  4. Austin Marie

    The dice look absolutely amazin. So pretty the pictures could not do them justice. I had a small issue with shipping but contacted the owner and got another one shipped to me in a week. For reference I live in the US. The customer service was exceptional!

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