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Lizard Infinity Puzzle ™

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Have you ever done a puzzle that has no beginning or end? Can you tame the Lizard Infinity Puzzle™? Hundreds of unique lizards come together to form this incredibly challenging puzzle. Every lizard is a different shape and color. While the puzzle has thousands of solutions, each lizard only fits in one spot. The Lizard Infinity Puzzle™ uses color-line cutting to precisely align the image and the cut, allowing each piece to be a different color.

The Infinity Puzzle ™ is a new type of jigsaw puzzle that tiles continuously. It has no fixed shape, no starting point, and no edges. It can be assembled in thousands of different ways. The tiling means that pieces from the bottom can be moved to the top and pieces from the right can be moved to the left. Multiple infinity puzzles can be combined to create a larger continuous puzzle.


infinitely reconfigurable, no edges, no fixed shaped!

Contains 216 pieces

Laser cut in our solar powered puzzle workshop in Palenville, NY

Made with our custom birch plywood

made with math, science, + lasers

Since 2011, we’ve been crafting plywood puzzles that combine the artistry of classic jigsaws with the possibilities of new technology. We use custom software inspired by natural patterns to grow the intertwining shapes of the puzzle pieces. The organic forms are cut from plywood by a laser, resulting in a uniquely challenging puzzle crafted from premium materials. Each puzzle is made by us at our studio in the Catskill Mountains.

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4 reviews for Lizard Infinity Puzzle ™

  1. D W

    This one was so fun to make! I have several puzzles and can’t wait to get more from this store!

  2. Whitney Payne

    This looks like it will be a lot of fun for my nephew on his birthday.

  3. Barbara

    A gift for my grandson. I hope he doesn’t find it too challenging but we’ll give him help. Can’t wait to work on it.

  4. Pete

    The most lovely thing, fantastic communication even when they are really up against it. Real people working really hard. You wont regret buying from them.
    If I was based in the US I vwould have bought direct from them to ensure that they saw every penny, but for me in the UK Etsy was the only option.
    Well Done and I wish them every success

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