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Modern Times Beer Unique Poker Playing Cards

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Produced in collaboration with the San Diego based micro-brewery, Modern Times.

An explosion of colors. These super-ultra premium playing cards feature a psychedelic back design and unique numbering system for the face cards. Packaged in a letterpress-printed tuck boxes.

This exquisite device for games and cardistry was sustainably-produced using FSC certified paper and vegetable-based inks on our trademark thin-stock and finish. Printed by the United States Playing Card Co.

4 reviews for Modern Times Beer Unique Poker Playing Cards

  1. ratcandy

    AMAZING artistry and quality! Highly recommended!!!

  2. Camryn

    Was really nice. Only complaints would be it showed with a rubber band which I guess was to hold the cannon to the base, but it had melted and was gummy and sticky all over the cannon so I had to wipe it off. Thankfully it all seemed to come off okay but pretty unnecessary to have the rubber band at all especially if it makes the product worse. Also, it was way too easy to solve. ***Spoilers for how to solve*** the reverse threading comes undone way too easily, so when you try to tighten the original piece, the reverse threading starts right away and shows the big reveal way too soon. Pretty okay, but I think I’d go with a different seller to look for a bit nicer quality.

  3. H S

    These are so nice 5.

  4. Joel

    For a deck of cards, you need one of each of the 52 cards, it’s kind of the minimum of what is required of a deck of cards. I got sent two sets of Heart face cards and no Diamond face cards. I messaged to see if I could get the three missing diamond cards I’m short and I haven’t gotten a response after a week. I love the artwork but this is actually unplayable.

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