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New Arrivals!! Liquid Core Dnd Dice Set , Galaxy Liquid Core Dice Set for D&D Fans and Perfect DND Gift , Liquid Core D20 Dnd Dice

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🎉 Discover the Elegance of Our Liquid Core Dice Set – An Ideal Choice for Birthday Gifts and Enthralling Role-Playing Adventures!

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✨✨ Why Should You Choose Our Exquisite Liquid Core Dice Set?

Unbeatable Value: Roll with confidence and enjoy a lifetime warranty. If you ever need a refund or replacement for any reason, simply reach out.

True-to-Life Quality: Each die is a true representation of the images. The numbers are crisp and clear, and it comes with a complimentary velvet cloth bag – making it the perfect gift. Don’t let this chance slip away!

Elevate Your Game: Leave ordinary dice behind and embrace the Liquid Core Dice Set to enhance your role-playing adventures.

✨✨ Hassle-Free Returns and Exchanges: We are confident in the quality of our DND dice set. If you’re not satisfied, we offer a full refund.

✨✨ Dice Set Dimensions:

D10 dice: 18mm, D12 dice: 22mm, D20 dice: 25mm

D4 dice: 22mm, D6 dice: 22mm, D8 dice: 18mm

✨✨ Weight: The dice set weighs 220g, and you’ll be amazed by its beauty when you hold it in your hands.

✨✨ Don’t hesitate; A high-quality dice set is a worthwhile investment.

🎉🎉 Order Turnaround: Your order will arrive in 10 days. If you need expedited shipping, please contact us, and we’ll make arrangements for you.

4 reviews for New Arrivals!! Liquid Core Dnd Dice Set , Galaxy Liquid Core Dice Set for D&D Fans and Perfect DND Gift , Liquid Core D20 Dnd Dice

  1. hannah jay

    These are lighter than what I was expecting for liquid core dice. Personally, I’d prefer a little weight similar to standard dice if only for a more quality feel. I chose the green set with gold flakes and while you can see the liquid swirl around, it’s a lot harder to see between the flakes so you have to hold it up to the light and at a certain angle to really notice. These things being said, the dice match what is advertised and they appear without any flaws. For the price they’re sufficient as a beginner’s set so I’ll still be satisfied gifting them.

  2. April Laufeyson

    I like these a lot! Bought them on a whim as I do like green / gold color combo. The swirly effect the dice when rolled is pretty nifty and neat, IMO. These aren’t as emerald as I was hoping – but I am still excited to take these out during my next D&D session. Thank you!

  3. cynicalrequiem

    Beautiful set of dice. They feel very high quality, and got immediate attention from my friends when I pulled them out. They look even better in person. Highly recommended!

  4. SwordLesbian

    Fantastic, so good I just ordered another set as a birthday gift for someone else. The edges and corners are very crisp and sharp which I know some people really like (so much so I softened them with a nail file for comfort, which was very easy if you don’t like sharp corners). Beautiful colour, stunning glittery liquid inside, and the numbers are still very clear and easy to read. They’re balanced and have a nice weight, I adore them and find myself fidgeting with them all the time just because they are so gorgeous. Highly recommended!

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