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Odissea Minerva Playing Cards – Custom illustrated Artwork

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Minerva in the Odissea series is a limited edition of 3000 decks housed in a premium foiled tuck box. Featuring metallic inks on backs and fronts, this deck includes two extra court cards! Printed by the US Playing Card Company. 

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2 reviews for Odissea Minerva Playing Cards – Custom illustrated Artwork

  1. Chloe Wraight

    Shipping was excellent and very fast. The box itself looks very good and the quality is undeniably high – no problem whatsoever! What disappointed me was the fact, that it was rather easy to get in. There’s basically 1 mechanism and once you figure it out, you do a few moves and you’re done. The price was rather high for less than 10 minutes of fun. So I’d recommend it to beginners, but not to experienced puzzle solvers.

  2. Dawson Wheeler

    Fast shipping, arrived a week early. This new puzzle has a vintage charm. It’s moderately challenging; tinkerers may discover the solution swiftly. It’s a joy to solve, regardless!
    Perfect gift for my brother who’ll love its unique, crafted design. Opening compartment is small, couldn’t fit a deck of cards (too tall and wide), but could accommodate the depth of a couple decks if chopped to size.
    I’m placing a handmade bracelet in a velvet bag inside. A beautifully crafted puzzle box, worth buying. Would repurchase without hesitation. Five stars!

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