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Rabble: Travel Edition | Party Game For Adult Game Night, Travel Size, Adult Travel Game, Gift for Friend, Holiday Party Game

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✈️ RABBLE: TRAVEL EDITION features a completely new set of travel-related cards and challenges. The game can be played standalone or as an expansion to the base version of Rabble. It’s the perfect game for sparking wild nights on-the-go: from road trips in Yosemite, to beaches in Fiji, and everywhere in between.

🃏 GUESS ABSURD WORDS: Get your team to guess the words on your team’s Rabble Cards as quickly as possible. Each round has different restrictions on how to give clues.

💃 DO RIDICULOUS CHALLENGES: Slow down the other team by making them do hilarious challenges such as “naming a different country in Europe after every card” or “act like you’re experiencing turbulence”.

🎨 INCLUSIVE ARTWORK: Cards feature beautiful guest illustrations from artists around the world

🌲 ECO-FRIENDLY: Each game is made with 100% recycled, FSC-certified paper.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 NSFW OPTIONAL: NSFW cards are marked and can be easily removed depending on who you’re playing with.

🎁 CONTAINS 156 Cards (126 Rabble Cards, 30 Challenge Cards) | 4-20+ players | Ages 17+ | 30-40 min


We’re rabble and we think the world could use more fun! That’s why we design beautiful games that bring people together to play, laugh, and bond. We are proudly AAPI-owned and partner with diverse artists to illustrate our games. All our games are made with 100% FSC-certified paper.

Check us out on our Instagram @RabbleGame and through our website at

4 reviews for Rabble: Travel Edition | Party Game For Adult Game Night, Travel Size, Adult Travel Game, Gift for Friend, Holiday Party Game

  1. diania hansen

    Looks like fun for my grandsons stocking.

  2. Lorwynd

    Ok let me start by saying this is a very fun game! Love ❤️ the box it came in. It was packaged nice and even had a thank you card which I thought was nice 😊. My boyfriend and I decided to sip some wine while playing Rabble and we just could not stop laughing! This game is awesome if your looking for something fun funny and creative to do for the night I’d definitely recommend you get this game!!

  3. Kara Paws

    The quality of the cards is beautiful! The design is pretty enough that I feel like I can leave this out on my coffee table. I’m super excited to play this with my friends!

  4. Pallavi

    We got this game alongside the base version of Rabble and I love that it’s compact so I can bring it on trips with me! The game is hilarious to play and the packaging is adorable. It also comes with its own set of instructions so you can play it by itself.

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