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Retro Or Classic Magnetic Canvas Games | Family Game Night | Tile Games | Scrabble | Game Room | Board Game | Unique Wall Decor

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Our newest magnetic game board was created to display beautifully as functional art and allow for play a the classic scrabble game. The Retro board was designed with vibrant contrasting colors that will become a conversation for any visitor. Each game is build to play magnetically on the wall or to be easily removed and played at a table. Boards can be displayed with or without the pieces as they all are designed to hang as art individually or as a collection. Each game is a large 33″ x 22″, printed on canvas, & includes all playing pieces. Easy to hang with pre routed keyhole and soft bumpers to protect walls.

We use a durable wood frames, the surface is a lightly textured canvas, & we have a custom metal foil made that allows all game pieces to hold firmly to the surface while on the wall. You will see an feel the quality the moment you remove the board from the shipping box. Game pieces stay firmly on the boards while displayed on the wall and only move when you want to move them. Most of the game pieces are made from lightweight materials to help allow them to hold to the board surface but are still unique and beautiful elements.

The designs are created to coordinate with other game sets. Retro or Modern tile board designs match perfectly with the Retro or Modern Chess, Backgammon, Checkers, & Tic Tac Toe games.

Included 100 game tiles

4 reviews for Retro Or Classic Magnetic Canvas Games | Family Game Night | Tile Games | Scrabble | Game Room | Board Game | Unique Wall Decor

  1. LS

    Wow! Super quick shipping and HIGH QUALITY! Was looking at way more expensive options and I think this one is just as beautiful, if not more so! So excited to add this to our short term rental! 🙂

  2. Amy Davis

    Super cute product, well made. The packaging for the shipping was excellent. We were short a letter B, and that took some back-and-forthing for us to get the B. But we finally did and we are very happy. Definitely recommend this product.

  3. Mary Jo Kersen

    We received our Scrabble game board yesterday. We decided to go with the Traditional one, as it had vibrant colors that were similar to original Scrabble board. But this one is better! The workmanship is just incredible! The colors are so vibrant and eye-catching. We were just going to hang it on the wall as a piece of art. But now, we can’t wait for the kids to get here so we can play a round! Fantastic job, idea and the final outcome!

  4. Kristin

    I’m torn on this review. I want to give this 5 stars all the way down but the problem is the tiles. The letters etched into the wood look nice up close but are very light from a distance and are tough to see. Some are very difficult to make out. I was unsure the best way to fix them and the seller wasn’t able to offer advice when asked about staining, etc. I had to come up with my own DIY method to darken my own letters which is time-consuming and requires a steady hand and art supplies – fortunately I have both but not everybody does. I can’t recommend this game as-is if the letter tiles are all this light, unfortunately, but I love everything else about the product. Maybe I’m just unlucky and got a bad batch of tiles?

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