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Royal Game of Knossos, Ancient Greek games, Traditional board game, Historic board game, custom board game

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Size: 40х18х3

Components: board, pieces and a small bag

We also send link with the rules for the game in private messages!

Materials: ash wood.

Weight: 2 kg

Customization: yes

Processing time: 1-2 weeks


For making our board games, we use only natural materials such as wood, leather or metal. We avoid plastic to keep the product authentic. In addition to this, we use only ash and oak types of wood due to their features. These woods are durable and good-looking. As a result, we can guarantee that the game will last you for ages.


Eastern Europe has been famous for it`s wood carving skilled artisans for ages. Since the times of Kievan Rus the artisans were developping their skills to make highest quality products. Usually artisans were creating wooden products such as bowls, plates, boxes, different tools and board games. We have chosen experienced and skillfull artisans to make our products. All our products are handmade.


We can add large engraving on the inner side of the board, or a small engraving on the outer side of the board. For the customization , please choose the “personalized” option before you order.


Most of the items are made to order, so the processing time is between 1 and 3 weeks. All the items are shipped from Ukraine with the priority shipping. Average delivery time is 10-15 days. We also have an option of express delivery if you need an item faster.


If still have any questions about the products, you can message us anytime, we will answers as fast as we can. Sometimes it may take up to 12 hours to reply due to time difference.

4 reviews for Royal Game of Knossos, Ancient Greek games, Traditional board game, Historic board game, custom board game

  1. Dirk

    The quality of the game board is good, the elaboration of the squares and the engraving of the snake are done with precision.
    The game pieces are commercially available glass drops and there is nothing wrong with their quality.
    Small drawback: the game pieces could be a bit smaller, since more than two do not fit on a field, then it gets tight. And unfortunately there were no “lions” and no throwing sticks. The throwing sticks can be clearly seen on three of the Nobelhobby offer pictures. And without lions, the game cannot be played according to the known rules. Since I have not received any response to my questions from Nobelhobby, I deduct two stars.
    But all in all a good board game for the price.
    Samuel got in touch and apologized for the inconvenience and offered a replacement

  2. reemkopitman

    Item is as described.
    Surely will buy again from this shop.

  3. Maximilian Renoth

    Really a tremendous product and gift

  4. Martha

    Beautiful work and delivery was quicker than expected

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