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Scroll of Rolling – Dice rolling tray or leather rolling mat with detachable straps personalized

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This rustic, handcrafted Valet Tray is the perfect for dice or for play station or dumping your keys and spare change when you get home from a busy day. No more wasting time searching through the house for your car keys when you have this attractive Valet Tray to store them by your front door.

The Valet Tray clips together with sturdy, heavy duty silver Metal Snaps that firmly hold the corners in place and won’t come apart unwillingly.

This rustic yet elegant Valet Tray makes for a great housewarming gift, and is sure to appeal to any and all tastes. Perfect gift idea for your friend or loved one who constantly misplaces their keys. Now, when you ask, “where did you see them last?” it will be “Oh, yeah, in the Valet Tray.” Save time and arguments with this neat little product.


✔ Durable top grain leather

✔ Available in 6 colors of leather

✔ Easy to unfold and roll it up

✔ Solid silver color snap buttons

✔ 4 different sizes:

✅ size S: 6.89″x 6.89″x 1.18″

✅ size M: 7.67″ x 7.67″ x 1.18″

✅ size L: 9.84″ x 9.84″ x 1.37″

✅ size XL: 11.8″ x 11.8″ x 1.57″

✔ Personalize with name or picture


For personalization I use the method of embossing in Arial font with all uppercase letters and the height of the letters is 1/3″ up to 10 letters. Etched metal letters on the stamps are heated up and branded deep into the leather with up to 3500 pounds force.

🔶 Choose any of the images to be embossed into the tray from the photo#10

4 reviews for Scroll of Rolling – Dice rolling tray or leather rolling mat with detachable straps personalized

  1. Ashlynn

    I am so excited to give these as gifts to my dungeons and dragons players! I got 3 small ones, each in a different color (espresso, caramel, and maple I think) with the straps. My players are new, so getting them a “scroll of rolling” as their first dice tray is perfect! The feel of them is super nice. They’re soft, not rough, and easy to clip into a tray or roll into a scroll and clip the straps on. Slightly regretting not getting one for myself… But maybe I’ll get the larger one soon! 🤩

  2. Aaron

    The quality is great. The stamps came out great and is very clear. I am very happy with it. The snaps hold very strong. The corners are very easy to put together. The straps to keep it rolled up are good snaps just like the corners. I am very happy and love the leather dice tray. The shipping was very fast. It came in early. Plus the customer service was great. They answered me very quickly. I didn’t have a problem. I just had a question and they was very happy to answer it. Plus they did do what I asked about. I am thinking of getting one for a family member that intimate RPG too

  3. Cobalt

    This dice tray is just beautiful. The leather is supremely soft, and the color is gorgeous! It’s small enough to fit in the journal I made for my DnD character while still being large enough to accommodate my dice tower. I’m definitely going to be buying from here again!

  4. evilqueendesigns

    This is my second dice rolling tray from this store. My first was for grandson Q. He LOVED it, as did everyone in his fantasy club at school where he plays DnD after school. He calls it his “good luck” mat. Now getting one for grandson J. It was my job to introduce both boys to DnD and Valentine’s quality products make my job as the awesome Nonni even easier. Much love to them and I would encourage anyone to just buy from this shop.
    This mat arrived weeks earlier than estimated. So double cool.

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