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Talking Hearts for Couples – Conversation Starters

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Our game consists of 200 unique questions and 2 wild cards, all designed to create epic conversations. Conveniently separated into 100 playful and 100 thoughtful questions, this deck will make you laugh and uncover gems about your partner along the way. Plus, ALL questions have been designed to lead to uplifting, positive conversations.

These work great for any couple – any length of time together, gender, or orientation. Plus, you can take it anywhere – in the car, on road trips, on vacations – even on camping trips!

These cards also make a great gift for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, weddings, or any day you want to spend extra time with your sweetie <3

4 reviews for Talking Hearts for Couples – Conversation Starters

  1. Emily

    So adorable! Cute sized game, perfect for travel. It’s a gift so I haven’t opened it, but new condition, fast shipping, well packaged. Super happy!! Thank you!

  2. Amy Thompson

    This game kept my boyfriend calm and engaged during an EXTREMELY long traffic jam. Time flew by and we had a blast! Such a creative fun way to feel closer. THANK YOU!

  3. Ky

    Awesome, high quality, super cute game that’s easy to take with you everywhere. My partner loved it! I’m planning on getting a couple more sets as gifts !

  4. Caitlin S

    These cards are fantastic!!! The questions are so much fun and different, me and my boyfriend had a blast having so many different conversations just from one card!! It also shipped in no time and the art on the cards is adorable!!

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