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The Royal Game of Ur, Game of Twenty Squares, two-player strategy race board game, mesopotamia board game, ancient board game

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Size: 16х40 cm

Components: board, pieces and a small bag

Materials: ash wood.

Weight: 1 kg

Customization: yes

Processing time: 1-2 weeks


For making our board games, we use only natural materials such as wood, leather or metal. We avoid plastic to keep the product authentic. In addition to this, we use only ash and oak types of wood due to their features. These woods are durable and good-looking. As a result, we can guarantee that the game will last you for ages.


Eastern Europe has been famous for it`s wood carving skilled artisans for ages. Since the times of Kievan Rus the artisans were developping their skills to make highest quality products. Usually artisans were creating wooden products such as bowls, plates, boxes, different tools and board games. We have chosen experienced and skillfull artisans to make our products. All our products are handmade.


We can add large engraving on the inner side of the board, or a small engraving on the outer side of the board. For the customization , please choose the “personalized” option before you order.


Most of the items are made to order, so the processing time is between 1 and 3 weeks. All the items are shipped from Ukraine with the priority shipping. Average delivery time is 10-15 days. We also have an option of express delivery if you need an item faster.


If still have any questions about the products, you can message us anytime, we will answers as fast as we can. Sometimes it may take up to 12 hours to reply due to time difference.

4 reviews for The Royal Game of Ur, Game of Twenty Squares, two-player strategy race board game, mesopotamia board game, ancient board game

  1. Rere Meme

    This game board is beautiful! The quality is very good and it comes exactly as pictured. I am very pleased. Thank you for the wonderful product!

  2. Kingsley Longfoot

    Extremely satisfied with my product, the quality is lovely. It’s a wonderful addition to my living history set up. Thankyou!

  3. Keren

    Item came well-packed and in good shape! if you don’t mind waiting a while for the international shipping, then it’s a very worthwhile purchase (I bought it at the end of December and received it at the very beginning of February). There are also no instructions included (which I was expecting based on other reviews), so that wasn’t too shocking. The dice are nice and fit the image, and while the board isn’t super thick, it’s not too thin either.

  4. rosiea

    Very pleased with the game. It’s great fun to play and as an added bonus it looks good on the coffee table! The quality is fantastic.

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