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Time Person Of The Year Puzzle (110, 252, 520, 1014-piece) Swiftie Jigsaw Puzzle, Swiftie Gift, Christmas Gift

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Step into the world of musical delight with the Taylor Swift Jigsaw Puzzle, a captivating activity that seamlessly blends entertainment and creativity. This intricately crafted puzzle features a vibrant collage of iconic Taylor Swift moments, from her chart-topping albums to memorable live performances. The puzzle’s design not only captures the essence of Taylor’s musical journey but also provides a visually stunning experience for fans and puzzle enthusiasts alike. As each piece falls into place, you’ll find yourself immersed in the fun challenge of piecing together the puzzle to reveal the complete picture of one of pop music’s most beloved artists.

Beyond its engaging and fun nature, the Taylor Swift Jigsaw Puzzle serves as a decorative masterpiece once assembled. The finished puzzle becomes a striking work of art that fans can proudly display, showcasing their admiration for Taylor Swift in a unique and visually appealing way. Whether you’re a seasoned puzzle enthusiast or a casual fan looking for a delightful pastime, this puzzle is designed to offer a satisfying and aesthetically pleasing experience.

110 pcs (8″ width, 10″ height)

252 pcs (10.6″ width, 13.5″ height)

520 pcs (16″ width, 20″ height)

1014 pcs (19″ width, 28.5 height)

.: Material: 100% chipboard

.: 110, 252, 520 or 1014 piece options

.: Glossy laminated finish

6 reviews for Time Person Of The Year Puzzle (110, 252, 520, 1014-piece) Swiftie Jigsaw Puzzle, Swiftie Gift, Christmas Gift

  1. Audri

    Good for small kids !

  2. Anonymous

    I’m glad you like it! Best line in the movie for sure. Merry Christmas and Thank You for purchasing!

  3. Sara Simonson

    thank you for your order!

  4. Nicole Ann

    Unique & adorable!!! Very pleased. Superb.

  5. Anonymous

    Perfect! Can’t wait to give this gift to my brother on Christmas! It’s our favorite line in the whole movie and I know this will be the best gift ever!

  6. Tiffany Santos

    Great item. Fast shipping. Seller was quick to respond and help me when I made an error on my order and fixed it RIGHT away! Very happy with the service and quality of my purchase. 10/10

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