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Unpack That: Therapy Game Conversation Starters for Building Deeper Relationships with The People You Love Most

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Unpack That features 125 meaningful cards for connecting on a deeper level with a loved one

Includes 4 decks to discuss different aspects of your relationship as well as a wildcard deck to lighten the mood if things get tense

To play the game you must be willing to be receptive, open, and honest. During playthrough your character might come into question but take it as a learning lesson to find out how you can

be a better person

For best experience 2 players are recommended. There is going to be a lot to take in so being able to focus on one other person is ideal

Each expansion pack comes with 25 cards and are stand alone that can be added to the original or played on its own.

Unpack That is not a replacement for therapy but can be used as a gateway to express your feelings openly. We want to destigmatize getting help through problems and encourage people to take care of their mental health

4 reviews for Unpack That: Therapy Game Conversation Starters for Building Deeper Relationships with The People You Love Most

  1. Becca Phelps

    my BFF who is a therapist and PhD in mental health at a university loved this and said, “I’m making anyone who walks into my home pull a card first!”

  2. Kyla R.

    I waited to make a review till my husband and I had played this card game. It was really fun, I enjoyed adding this to our date night. When your with someone for so long alot of times you feel you already know everything about them. It’s nice to have a game like this that asks questions you may not have thought to ask. I just thought it was really fun and interesting to try, would recommend buying this card game!

  3. Reilly McLean

    This product was a big let down. The quality of the box and cards is nice enough, not physically feeling cheap or flimsy. My problems started when I found 4 typos on cards. The cards themselves are what you paid for, cheesy, fun questions and games to play with a partner. The thing that really pissed me off was that I found a lot of duplicates. Not worth anywhere close to the price I paid.

  4. Drinking Problems

    Me and my girlfriend loved it! We even played with the family!

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