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Wildlife Wobble – Balancing Game – Family Games

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This fun thrilling game is perfect if you are bored and want to practice your balancing skills. The game comes with 20 wildlife pieces, a wobbly balance shaped like an owl, and a small printed paper with the rules. This game can be used as both a single player game and a multiplayer game, but vary dramatically on how the game is played. (See Rules Down Below ⇣).

Video of creation…

Single player rules: When playing single player the point of the game is to stack as many wildlife pieces as possible onto the wobbly base without having any pieces touch the ground or any pieces turning over forty degrees. If you want to make things even more difficult you can also try using only one hand. Well, have fun stacking! 😉

Multiple player rules: When playing with two players you both get 10 wildlife pieces. To decide what player gets what piece the youngest player chooses one piece and then the other player chooses one and so on. When all the pieces are gone the oldest player gets to go first. To play you put a piece on the wobbly base, the second you remove your hand from the piece your turn is done unless it either touches the ground or falls off the base completely. In either of these cases you will have to reclaim your piece. If more than just one piece fell off, you also claim those as well. The first person to have no wildlife pieces left wins.

*** If the standard games are too hard you can try stacking them onto just a flat surface or stacking them with the wobbly base upside down.

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4 reviews for Wildlife Wobble – Balancing Game – Family Games

  1. bethanyklein620

    I had issues with shipping, though not the seller’s fault. It saw more of my state than I have! Crazy, but it happens.

  2. nydianittmann

    I like the item. I intend to give it to my grandsons for Christmas. What would be nice to include with the package is a picture similar to what is displayed on the website. Just giving this to someone without a pic makes it hard for them to imagine how it’s suppose to work – especially young kids. An example via a picture would be nice.

  3. kathryn rudo

    This is awesome! A real work of art that is also a game you can play with others or as a personal challenge . It came in a nice pouch with a ‘how to’ photo of the balanced game. Many thanks to this ETSY artist!

  4. Lauren Einspahr

    This was cute. Animals are adorable! Random leaf and flower that seemed like fillers and could be better, small animals. So looks wise, these are what I expected, but the base was slippery and the animals had no chance to actually stack like shown in the photo…they just slid right off. Still fun for stacking on the floor…but in no way does it work like the picture implies. Going to try to glue a grippy something onto the base/boy’s head for something for the animals to grip on to stack better.

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