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Copper Oil Lamp, Vintage Oil Lamp, Decorative Copper Oil Lamp

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Add a relaxed atmosphere to your room with handmade copper gas lamps which has a dim and flickering light

This vintage-style copper oil lamp exudes an air of timeless beauty and old-world charm. The intricate etchings on its surface and the warm glow of its light create a cozy and intimate ambiance that is perfect for relaxation and reflection. A true work of art, this exquisite piece of history is sure to become a cherished family heirloom for generations to come. 🕯️

Product Dimensions:

Height: 35cm

Wood Stand Height: 46cm


Oxidised Copper

Usage Features:

✅Hand wash with liquid detergent.

✅Do not machine wash.

✅Do not contact water with bleach.

✅After washing, dry it with a soft cloth.

✅Do not clean with hard sponges.

✅Due to the nature of copper mine, copper color can be oxidized.

✅You can clean oxidized with lemon.

✅Since it is produced by hand, small differences and irregularities can be seen in one product compared to another.

Product features:

Brand: Copper Concept

Content: 100% Copper / Handmade 🔨

Made in Turkey.

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***There is no exchange for our copper products.

***Returns are accepted; However, any customs and shipping costs that may occur during return shipping are the responsibility of the buyer.

***Returns are accepted within the framework of the above conditions.

4 reviews for Copper Oil Lamp, Vintage Oil Lamp, Decorative Copper Oil Lamp

  1. Sign in with Apple user

    Just the way I envisioned

  2. Brennen

    Item quality control seems poor. Product arrived with nothing centered and bent out of shape (not damaged in shipping). For the price I was expecting higher quality.

  3. Ralph Beyer

    Better than expected. Handsome look and sturdy.

  4. dlbyers1

    Love my beautiful lanterns. I’m going to purchase more. They were carefully packaged and arrived in wonderful condition.

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