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Flame powered Lava Lamp

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Enjoy the relaxing mood that a lava lamp creates without the need for electricity. A perfect way to zone out either in your home or outside. The 500 ml borosilicate recovery flask is held on a support stand with a ring support and burette clamps. Borosilicate is a strong laboratory glass that is strong and withstand high temperatures. The support rod allows you to the lava flask move it up or down based on the heat produced by the candle. 5 tea light candles are included and work best.

The addition of a burette clamp helps ensure the lamp stays upright and steady. The base is broader in size and comes with an evaporating dish to place tealight candles on. This is to help make melted candles easier to clean up.

The kit includes: Support stand and base, ring stand, burette clamp, evaporating dish, recovery flask lava lamp and 5 votive candles.

Please note: since these are powered by a tea light candle it is not anywhere near as bright as a traditional lava lamp powered by a halogen bulb.

3 reviews for Flame powered Lava Lamp

  1. Drew Hidalgo

    I had a standard cork soap dispenser that kept falling into the bottle. Happy to have been able to pick a larger size!

  2. Stephanie

    Doesn’t work. Candle burns out before its even hot enough

  3. JAC Silverlake Ceramics

    Just what I needed to turn a bottle into a soap pump.

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