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Himalayan salt lamp in the shape of a cactus + 2 gift aromatizing oils

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Essential artisan product to harmonize environments.


– Cactus-shaped ceramic base

– Himalayan salt

– Electrical Kit with lamp included (220v)

– 2 Gift Flavoring Oils


1 – They clean and deodorize the air

Among the properties of salt lamps we have the characteristic that they attract water molecules from the environment in which they are located, these Himalayan pink salt lamps absorb the particles that the water molecules can transport.

As the bulb heats, the water evaporates and the polluting particles become trapped in the rock salt.

2 – They reduce the symptoms of allergies and asthma

The next benefit of salt stone is that if placed as bedside lamps or table lamps in the rooms where most time is spent, it will help remove microscopic particles of dust, animal dander, and mold. or fungi are significantly reduced.

Even those who suffer from asthma will notice the difference in just two or three weeks thanks to the salt crystal lamp.

3 – They relieve cough

Another benefit of the Himalayan lamp is that as the pink lamp gains heat, the light changes the charge of the molecules it releases, therefore, getting rid of the positive ions; preventing these airborne particles from passing the lungs.

The main source of positive ions in homes is electrical appliances and breathing these ions leads to an inhibition of ciliary activity; the small organelles of the trachea, causing the respiratory system to lose its ability to filter and eliminate pollutants from the air.

4 – They have a revitalizing effect

The ability to generate negative ions from Himalayan Pink Salt produces the same sensation that you get when doing outdoor activities such as walking, going to the beach or camping in the mountains.

And exposure to this type of ions increases the body’s energy levels.

5 – They neutralize electromagnetic radiation

Nowadays there are more and more sources of electromagnetic radiation inside homes and constant overexposure to it can be counterproductive for an individual.

Among the benefits of having a white salt lamp we can also add that as the light from the natural Himalayan salt lamp emits negative ions, the environmental radiation decreases.

For this reason, it is recommended to place salt lights next to computers; televisions or any other electrical devices that are used frequently.

6 – Improve mood and concentration

Once again thanks to the release of negative ions from these salt lamps, which improve blood circulation and oxygen supply to the brain and other organs, there is a natural improvement in our mood and they even help with concentration. Additionally, Himalayan salt lamps provide a boost in the production of serotonin, the neurotransmitter responsible for happiness.

8 – They reduce seasonal affective disorder

Other benefits of Himalayan salt lamps is that the light emitted by them is so close to the natural glow of the sun that it helps combat the lethargy that occurs these days when the hours of natural light are shortened.

9 – They reduce static electricity in the air

These stone lamps discharge the air by neutralizing the ionized particles that are naturally found in the environment.

10 – They are an environmentally friendly light source

The reserves from which the salt stones are extracted to produce these lamps contain between 80 and 600 million tons of pink salt, so they are expected to last at least 350 years. Therefore, they are made of a 100% natural element.

2 reviews for Himalayan salt lamp in the shape of a cactus + 2 gift aromatizing oils

  1. Patricia

    Second time I buy Pure Essence products and I am delighted. Excellent product to harmonize an environment and fill it with good energy.

  2. Patricia

    Sincerely BEAUTIFUL! No words to describe the dedication behind this product. 100% recommended for all those who love to harmonize their homes and have peaceful spaces where they can enjoy their free time. The exquisite aromas. I will definitely buy again. Thanks Gustavo 😀

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