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Himalayan Salt Sphere Shape Lamp Natural Glow Soothing Home Decor Lighting Handcrafted Salt Crystal Round Lamp

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Elevate your living space with the gentle radiance of our Himalayan Salt Sphere Shape Lamp. Handcrafted from authentic salt crystals, this unique lamp emits a warm and soothing glow that adds a tranquil ambiance to any room. Each lamp is a work of nature, showcasing the remarkable beauty of Himalayan salt. Welcome the calming presence of salt into your home with this exceptional salt crystal lamp.


Authentic Himalayan Salt: Crafted from genuine salt crystals, each lamp reveals its distinctive colors and natural patterns.

Natural Warm Glow: Experience the soft, warm illumination that creates a calming and serene atmosphere in your home.

Spherical Elegance: The sphere shape design is both elegant and versatile, making it a perfect addition to various decor styles.

Soothing Home Decor: Enhance your interior with the tranquil beauty of Himalayan salt, adding a unique touch to your living space.

Handcrafted Artistry: These lamps are carefully crafted to highlight the captivating qualities of salt crystals.

Relaxing Accent Lighting: Use it as a soothing nightlight, meditation aid, or a distinctive decorative piece in your home.

Stable Base: The lamp features a sturdy base for secure placement on your table, nightstand, or shelf.

Transform your home with the calming and natural beauty of our Himalayan Salt Sphere Shape Lamp. Embrace the warm glow and distinctive character of this handcrafted salt crystal lamp, perfect for enhancing the ambiance of your living space.

4 reviews for Himalayan Salt Sphere Shape Lamp Natural Glow Soothing Home Decor Lighting Handcrafted Salt Crystal Round Lamp

  1. Rosie Emily

    Lovely bowl and perfect for my bedside table

  2. annijaslivacka

    Lovely bowl…Good size for my crystal bracelets! Thank you

  3. Zeus

    Prompt and efficient service. It is a lovely product. I would recommend the seller.

  4. CF

    Such a beautiful Selenite bowl. Very good quality finish. I will be using mine for crystal jewellery so they can be recharged overnight. But the bowl looks stunning with or without crystals. Quick delivery too in fully recyclable packaging. Highly recommend.

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