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NEW Electronic Lava Lamp ONLY from NoDots!

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Tired of crass LED lights and displays that show dots? WE CREATED THE SOLUTION: NoDots!

NoDots E-Lava Displays come with the following:

* WIFI connected

* Smart Home Compatible (Alexa, Google, Home Assistant, etc.)

* 511 5v LED Controller

* Lights can dance to MUSIC/SOUND!

* Remote

* Phone App

* 3D Printed from our facilities on demand (special colors can be requested for an additional fee, hundreds of types of colors – contact us for more)

* Free 5V USB3.0 Power Adapter Included

* 3ft. Cord


* FREE shipping!

* Full 160-day Warranty

* Buy a 2 or more for a STEEP discount!

Made and Manufactured at NoDots Advent.One 3D Printing facility here in Phoenix Arizona!

2 reviews for NEW Electronic Lava Lamp ONLY from NoDots!

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for kind words and suggestions. The video link is in all the descriptions now, enjoy!

  2. Nicole Bondoc

    Loved these new switch plate covers and would highly recommend them. I choose the Art Deco design to go with my bedroom. My only suggestion is that it needs to be more clear that the cover is 2 pieces. I initially tried to just put it on the wall not realizing that the inner plate needs to be separated from the outside cover plate. The owner quickly got back to me to explain and also sent a video. My suggestion would be to post the video on the website also OR send the outlet/switch plates already separated. It’s a great product!

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