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Antique Horizontal Lined Oil Lamp-Vintage Late 1800s Early 1900s-Size 2 Burner & Chimney-Ready to Use

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This listing is for an antique oil lamp with a pattern of stacking horizontal lines around the font and on the top of the foot of the base with a size 2 burner and chimney. It is a two piece lamp with both pieces made in a two piece mold. The lamp measures about 10 1/4″ tall to the top of the base not including the burner. The Size 2 chimney is 8 1/2″ tall and the lamp measures 5 1/4″ across the base. With the chimney and burner in place the overall height of the lamp is about 19″ tall.

Condition is very good….no cracks, or chips to the lamp or chimney. I did find one tiny flea-bite on the bottom rim that you really have to look hard to see. Otherwise all I see is a few bubbles and straw marks mainly on the base and stem. The bubbles and straw marks form as the glass cools in the mold and are not damage. They just add interest and uniqueness to this neat small lamp. On close examination I also see there is a white haze in the font mainly below the bottom horizontal lines. This is caused by some kind of colored oil that was left to stand in the font. For some reason when this happens a white deposit is left behind that nothing will remove. The good news is that it disappears as soon as you add new oil…. even if clear in color.

The chimney is a beaded top new quality hand blown chimney in a Size 2 that I added. The brass collar is secure and tight and the burner comes on and off easily. I did polish the collar and burner due to loss of patina during cleaning. Now they will dull down together and form a new even patina in time. The burner is a solid brass Size 2 that works fine and is marked on the flange “Queen Anne No. 2”. It has a new wick that works well and moves up and down easily…..all you need to do is fill it with lamp oil and light it. Great item for when the lights go out at home during a storm…..these make very elegant and special gifts as well. They are also just wonderful to use….romantic and chic! This is a beautiful little lamp ….great piece to add to any collection and is ready to use again!

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Shipping is via Priority Mail or USPS Ground Advantage depending on you distance from us here in WI in the Continental USA for $22. Because of the cost of shipping I am not listing shipping to Alaska, Hawaii or internationally, but if you really want this item and do not live in the Continental USA feel free to request a shipping quote. I do also combine lots for shipping so often 2 lamps can be packed together safely and will save you some of the shipping fees. Any fee charge above $5 in actual cost will be refund the day of shipping.

4 reviews for Antique Horizontal Lined Oil Lamp-Vintage Late 1800s Early 1900s-Size 2 Burner & Chimney-Ready to Use

  1. Tonya Tinkham Levy

    Arrived very fast, perfect timing for an event! Thanks to a very thoughtful seller!

  2. Abby Roberts

    Beautiful lamp. This large lamp burns for hours. I love it

  3. evagarza

    Love it . Beautiful rosary . Exactly what I was looking for.

  4. Kris

    Great communication with the seller. The lamp was carefully packaged. I really apprecIate the care that ensured it arrived safely. The lamp is gorgeous! Very pleased. I highly recommend this shop!

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