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Moon Phase Himalayan Salt Lamp | Halotherapy | Meditation Salt Box Lamps

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Handmade in small quantities!!

Bring a little Halotherapy home with this stunning piece that is sure to add warmth and character to any space. Our handcrafted wooden Himalayan Salt Box Lamp is made with approximately 2.5 lbs of natural Himalayan salt rocks and features a beautiful Moon Phase design. When lit, the lamp emits a soothing pink glow that creates a relaxing, healthy atmosphere perfect for meditation.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt Box Therapy Lamp

🌙 Respiratory Aid

🌙 Supports Healthy Immune Systems

🌙 Stress Reduction

🌙 Cleanse, Deodorize & Purify Air

🌙 Boost Blood Flow

🌙 Improves Sleep, Mental Health & Overall Mood

🌙 Improves Meditation


• Approximately – 5.5 x 6.25” Outside Dimensions

• Approx – 3” High

LIGHT – Provided String Lights

SALT – Approximately 2-2.5lbs Natural Pink Himalayan Salt

• Color varies from screen to screen as well as daytime vs evening photos

•• Metaphysical properties associated with our products are intended for curio & informational purposes only and are not intended as a substitute for professional treatment or licensed medical care.

4 reviews for Moon Phase Himalayan Salt Lamp | Halotherapy | Meditation Salt Box Lamps

  1. pshane10

    Absolutely amazing. I highly recommend.

  2. Susan Brown

    When I opened the box, my lighted moon salt box was beautiful! The salt pieces were great!

  3. Tammy

    Absolutely love everything that I purchased.

  4. thegreywizard

    I absolutely adore it! It’s a cute little size, and she includes just the right amount of salt crystal to fill appropriately. She kept me updated on my order throughout the entire process start to finish, and was very friendly in the process! Thank you, I love my little salt lamp. <3

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