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Antique Very Plain Oil Lamp-Amethyst Tinted Glass-1911-45-Art Deco-Ready to Use

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This listing is for an antique plain round oil lamp in an Art Deco style with a noticeably amethyst tinted color to the glass. This lamp is molded in 2 pieces. The lamp has brass threads inset in the glass collar…… that style of collar generally dates from after 1911 through 1945/1950. After that period collars came with burners that are mounted on screw on caps like you see on lamps today. This lamp is also very noticeably tinted an amethyst or purple color. The purple occurs when the lamp is exposed to direct sunlight over a prolonged period of time. Perhaps it stood near or in a window in its former owner home for many years.

Burner and chimney appear to be old. The burner is a #2 silver plated brass burner that is marked “Queen Anne No. 2″ on the flange. The chimney is plain and shaped like many of the newer ones so is probably a replacement from a few years ago. The lamp measures about 8″ tall to the top of the base not including the burner by 6″ across the foot. The chimney is 8 1/2″ tall. With the chimney and burner in place the overall height of the lamp is about 17” tall.

Condition is very good….no cracks or chips to the base or chimney. There are a few tiny bubbles in the glass and some straw marks (lines) mainly in the base, all resulting from the glass shrinking in the mold as the glass cools. The bottom rim also has some roughness and tiny flea bites, but these are not noticeable or disfiguring and most likely occur when the lamp is removed from the mold. This is not damage, but manufacturing flaws often found on these more common utilitarian lamps. The lamp displays beautifully and will not disappoint. The collar has good threads that are not stripped and the burner turns in and out easily and works fine. I have added a new wick to the burner as well that moves up and down easily…..all you need to do is fill this nice lamp with lamp oil and light it. Great item for when the lights go out at home during a storm…..these make very elegant and special gifts as well. They are also just wonderful to use….romantic and chic! This is a beautiful simple, but elegant lamp ….great piece to add to any collection and ready to use again!

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Shipping is via Priority Mail or USPS Ground Advantage depending on you distance from us here in WI in the Continental USA for $22. Because of the cost of shipping I am not listing shipping to Alaska, Hawaii or internationally, but if you really want this item and do not live in the Continental USA feel free to request a shipping quote. I do also combine lots for shipping so often 2 lamps can be packed together safely and will save you some of the shipping fees. Any fee charge above $5 in actual cost will be refund the day of shipping.

4 reviews for Antique Very Plain Oil Lamp-Amethyst Tinted Glass-1911-45-Art Deco-Ready to Use

  1. Abby Roberts

    Beautiful lamp. This large lamp burns for hours. I love it

  2. Tonya Tinkham Levy

    Arrived very fast, perfect timing for an event! Thanks to a very thoughtful seller!

  3. evagarza

    Love it . Beautiful rosary . Exactly what I was looking for.

  4. Kris

    Great communication with the seller. The lamp was carefully packaged. I really apprecIate the care that ensured it arrived safely. The lamp is gorgeous! Very pleased. I highly recommend this shop!

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