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Custom Liquid Motion Lamp


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Have you every wanted a lava lamp made out of a liquor bottle, or some other fanciful glass vessel? Well, you’re in luck! Here at Cohen’s Custom Lamps, I personally create custom lamps such as the UV reactive vodka bottle lamp seen on my profile. The idea sprouted from imagining what a lava lamp would look like with a cloudy glass bottle, and Cohen’s Custom Lamps was born! No idea is too whimsical, as long as it can be imagined with a glass element that can contain fluid, a heating element, and a light source, we’re in business! The liquid and the lava can be dyed any color as well. I’ve been collecting spare lava lamp bases and accessories for this endeavor, and have several options to choose from should there be any interest. Contact me with your idea and specifications and I’ll make your idea a reality, and several available options are pictured as well! Price is for a lamp of average size base and regular bottle (750 ml or around).


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