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Himalayan salt lamp, Natural, 1-2kg, hand made, home decor, indoor lighting

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This Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp is beautifully handcrafted and made from pure Himalayan rock salt. This lamp will provide a warm ambience to any room and is perfect for use in the living room, bedroom, meditation areas or office.

Himalayan salt is hygroscopic in nature which means that it will absorb moisture from it’s surrounding. It’s then usual for it to get damp when that moisture is released. It is possible that when the lamp is received, it will be damp to touch but please be advised that this is completely normal and the moisture will evaporate once the lamp has been lit for a while. These lamps, along with our other Himalayan salt range is imported from Pakistan, where this salt originates. They have travelled a long way in boxes and so the process of absorbing and releasing moisture will mean that the lamps will more than likely be damp when first received.

Please note that this is a hand carved object. Each piece is different and so it is possible that the item you receive may not match the one in the picture. Any dark marks within the crystal are natural attributes and are not considered damaged.

All lamps include bulb and UK 3 pin plug.

Item Specifications :

Approximate Weight 1-2 Kg

4 reviews for Himalayan salt lamp, Natural, 1-2kg, hand made, home decor, indoor lighting

  1. Katie Senior

    Really beautifully made lamp for room!

  2. Kara Donnachie

    looks amazing. would definitely recommend 🙂

  3. malina2017

    As described. Looks good on my shelf. Would recommend the seller. Thank you!

  4. Annabel James

    Arrived on time, lightbulb included which was great! great gift

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