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Labware Lava Lamp 250 ml Graduated Cylinder

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Watching the mesmerizing movements of a lava lamp is always a fun time. The science behind it is even more fascinating. The wax has a density slightly more than the surrounding water, so it remains on the bottom. As it heats up it expands, decreases enough in density to be lighter than the water and rises. As it rises it cools and contracts enough to be more dense than and then sink, repeating the cycle.

This unit is made from all scientific labware. A tripod stand, Buchner funnel, cork flask stands and a graduated cylinder. This unit uses a 35 Watt halogen bulb and take about 2 hours to heat up properly. Do not run for more than 9 hours at a time.

Warning: the unit gets hot, do not touch when on. Do not shake the lava lamp.

The color you choose is for the wax, the water will be clear.

If you want a different color please ask before choosing “other”. Not all colors are possible.

Dimensions: 22″ tall with a 5″ X 5″ base

Weight: 3 pounds

4 reviews for Labware Lava Lamp 250 ml Graduated Cylinder

  1. JAC Silverlake Ceramics

    I had a standard cork soap dispenser that kept falling into the bottle. Happy to have been able to pick a larger size!

  2. Jackie Garcia

    just how I wanted, good communication, fast shipping.

  3. marlashifflet

    Great product in excellent condition

  4. ljbrengel

    Just what I needed to turn a bottle into a soap pump.

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